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Kia’s electric vehicle plans become effective with the EV6 teaser as its names its strategy

Kia began this year by changing its motor name and revealed a new logo ad slogan as part of its Plan S, an approach to move its business away from traditional engines to electric ones. Kia is situated in North Korea and has begun to share its information regarding the first car born from Plan S. Recently, Tia released some teaser pictures about its EV6 vehicle, a dedicated battery-electric car made under Electric-Global Modular Platform. Hyundai also uses the same platform to manufacture its vehicles and has become the new Hyundai Ioniq five compact crossovers’ main foundation.

Kia released EV6 teaser images but on limitation. However, one can still see the design is made of and understand the type of EV6 Kia would unleash upon completion of its manufacture process. The EV6 is a four-door crossover, a feature that is familiar with many cars in the U.S. EV6’s low front end moves upwards into a roofline reminiscent of a coupe. The vehicle has a segmented LED pattern and lacks the old grille on the inside of the combustion engine.

Kia revealed its new way of naming the vehicle in that its recent scheme would aid the customers to be conversant with the EV. The company stated that the EV6 battery would begin with the prefix ‘EV,’ then followed by a number to specify the vehicle’s position in the lineup. EV6 would then appear at the center of its upcoming lineup.

In an announcement, Kia said the EV6 would first appear in the first quarter of this year. The company aims to make the appearance of its vehicles more classic, inventive, and more original. The approach taken by Kia is full of ambitions than just developing bold, original, and inventive EVs. Kia yearns on becoming a global pioneer during electric vehicles era because millennials and generation Z love the brand.

Behind Kia’s aspirational idea, the company has also placed sales and product goals like the deployment of 11 EVs by the year 2025. If the firm truly manages to hit its target by that time, it has a global EV market share worth 6.6%. Kia also plans to sell over 500,000 electric vehicles every year by the timer 2026 are here. Additionally, Kia automaker plans to offer customized purpose-built electric vehicles for its esteemed customers. EV6 will become the first fruit of Plan S, an automotive that would show investors and customers that hard work helps achieve set goals.