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An additional 200 MW Solar Energy Portfolio in Georgia using PV

There is a new 200 MW photovoltaic portfolio in Georgia, thanks to a US solar partnership. It expends across a trio of utility-scale projects. One of the developers is a renewable energy provider serving up to 38 Georgia Electric Membership Corporations (EMCs), the Green Power EMC. The other one is a solar platform of Shell, Silicon Ranch. The project’s beneficiaries are in southeastern and southwestern Georgia as its total capacity serves two counties in the two parts.

According to Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, EMCs play a critical role. It ensures that the portfolio and diverse and above all balanced. Under such consequences, it becomes possible to generate enough energy to serve all the power consumers in Georgia. It achieves the same by discovering innovative energy sources such as solar. He went ahead to praise the project for its several benefits. For instance, it utilizes the state’s natural resources that generate power used by its residents. Its positive impact on economic development is also indisputable. Thanks to the need for installation and construction, hundreds of people have also benefitted from the new job opportunities.

Things went as planned as far as the commissioning schedule of the three projects is concerned. Silicon Ranch was in charge of its construction, funding, and development. Going forwards, the ownership, operation, and maintenance of the facilities as long as they exist lie on the same company. However, all the power, including environmental attributes from the facilities, will belong to the Green Power EMC. It will be buying it for its member EMCs for three decades to come.

The first site is in Jeff Davis County, and it has been over a year since it came into existence. The Hazlehurst 3 has a capacity of 40 MW, and it has been in existence since December 2019. The following year, in August, to be precise, the second site came online. Silicon commissioned it in Terrell County. Its name is Terrell solar farm, and it has a capacity of 74 MW. That same year in December, the third and last site which completed this particular portfolio was commissioned. Its location is Jeff Davis County, whereas its capacity is 86 MW. It is none other than the Snipesville 1 site.

Representative Gerald Greene, the representative of nine counties including Terrell, which makes up House District 151, commented on it. He said that the cooperative is committed to ensuring that South Georgia’s community will develop solar expertise. In return, new job opportunities and more investment, among other long-term gains, will happen in Terrell County and the rest of the region. Out of all the EMCs in Georgia, 32 of them utilize the power production of these three sites.