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Volkswagen anticipates the new electric vehicle brand that they developed to penetrate the market

Volkswagen started supplying its first purely electric SUV to customers this week. The company’s chief executive in America, Scott Keogh, reporting to Yahoo Finance Live that the model will compete effectively in the market. The ID.4 electric SUV is going to rival the existing models in the automotive industry, and the executive is hopeful that they can facilitate the elimination of the ICE models beginning with this brand.

Volkswagen dispatched 422000 electric and hybrid vehicles into the international market in 2020. However, Keogh stated that the ID.4, which will be sold in North America, China, and Europe, is a new SUV model. The car can host five people. It will be battling with other brands like Honda’s HR-V, Tesla’s purely electric Model Y, and Toyota’s RAV4.

Keogh explained that there is going to be an influx of electric vehicles globally and specifically in America. Companies like General Motors intend to transition to purely electric vehicles in the next fourteen years. On the other hand, Volkswagen plans to become an emission-free company in the next three decades since the switch to electric vehicles is progressing at a hypersonic speed.

Keogh added that Europe would have three-quarters of its transportation industry characterized by electric vehicles in the coming ten years. The executive estimated that the other markets like China and the United States would be operating between 50% and 30%. The ID.4 model will be selling at $39995, although tax reduction, incentives, and subsidies can bring it down to about $30000.

However, the best version for those who love quality is going for $44495 with a mileage range of 250 miles inclusive of the taxes and other expenses. The prices go down from this value with an alteration of the model. Additionally, Volkswagen is providing free charging incentives for this model at the Electrify America charging stations nationwide. The cost of recharging an electric vehicle will be varying factoring in location and the time taken to charge the model.

Keogh explained that they have been establishing a network of Electrify America charging facilities throughout the country. Currently, the company has erected 800 stations and 3500 chargers nationwide with a 150-kilowatt hour charging. The executive added that a driver who subscribes to this model by purchasing it has a three-year grace period to enjoy free charging. This period might be ideal for the development of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and deployment of electric vehicles, with Volkswagen hoping to capitalize on this technology.